How Can I Help My Spouse Deal With PTSD

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Whether the person you love the most has gone through a tragedy, war, or any event which was truly traumatic, the after effects of post-traumatic stress disorder are truly devastating. This disorder not only affects the individual going through the process, but can also produce a huge strain on the familial unit as well. If your spouse has been recently diagnosed with PTSD, perhaps there are many thoughts and questions running through your head. Oftentimes it may feel as though you are helpless in this ordeal and that there is nothing you can do to make things better. The most important thing to note when going through an ordeal such as this is that remaining positive is the best key to making progress. Giving up on the matter and deciding not to participate in therapy sessions or in other efforts will only make matters worse. Instead, consider being active in your approach. Speak with your spouse in an attentive manner. If a panic episode occurs, be as supportive as possible, but also remember to seek professional help if the matter gets out of control. Try to keep the environment around you as stress-free as possible to avoid any anxiety-provoked attacks. All in all, of the many methods therapists recommend to their patients and their families, it is support and love that is essential. Loving your spouse and being there for them is sometimes the best medicine that can be offered during this time. It is imperative that the person suffering from PTSD to be aware that they are not alone during this time. However, therapy should be a part of the overall healing process as this will help cement the steps necessary to reaching a normal point in the life of one suffering from PTSD. Remember, be supportive, loving, and active.

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