What To Do The Week Before Saying Good Bye

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Before someone leaves on deployment, there are things you can do to make the time left special. Have a family get together so that the entire family can give them their best wishes and let them know they are loved and will be missed. Have as much family time as possible in the week before they leave. Have picnics in the park, or go see a movie together. If they are going to be gone during the holiday season, have an early holiday. Have Christmas during the week they have left so they can experience all the joys of the holiday with the family. If they are married, the couple can spend time walking together or going to a romantic location. Pray with the one who is leaving. Let them know they will be prayed over while they are gone. Also, gather items that they can take with them on leave. Items like soap, lotion, chap stick, snacks, and blankets will be great to have with them when they are gone. Start a box for after they leave that you can add things to and then send to them in the middle of their tour. Let them know that you will miss them, but remain positive that you will see each other again.

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