Becoming A Military Spouse Of The Deployed Half

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Having a spouse deployed overseas can be extremely stressful, yet it can also be a time to take the role of supportive partner to newer heights. Stepping back and examining the wives during World War ll, women who stepped out of their comfort zone to keep the country operational, is an example of the strength we can pull from ourselves if needed. Setting into place supportive networks and mindset can help.
Honoring holidays and family time may feel sad, but it is an opportunity to keep the family bond tight. Create photographs to share in letters to your spouse from thanksgiving dinners to a child’s volleyball practice, this along with word of support is therapeutic to both of you. If you have children, don’t forget they are going through everything you are, keeping the bond alive, keeping everyone busy and continuing to celebrate life is the best example and choice for yourself and spouse.
If you have children, take time to pass on funny stories, your spouse’s beliefs and theologies, remind the children that their other parent is proud of them as they do well in school or on a sports team. If there are elderly members in the family, remind them of the traits your spouse received from them, let them know the impact they had on your spouse’s life. Keep the family bond strong and alive in your spouse’s absence. The support system is needed by all and it creates a strong family for the spouse to come home to.
Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Have friends and family members in your life that you can turn to when you need a source of strength or someone to talk to. If you are spiritual pray, if not find other ways to center yourself such as mediation or exercise.

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