Teaching Your Children How To Communicate With Military Parents

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If a parent is in the military and stationed overseas, you need to teach a child how to communicate with military parents. It is important to keep a connection so the child does not feel like a stranger is returning to the family home. It is good for the parent too, because they need that connection in order to watch the changes in their child while they are away. It keeps them growing together and the bond strong for both.

Begin by teaching the child a mild version of what their parent is doing and why it is important. They need a reason to be proud of the hard work. Let them know that their parent gets lonely and wants to keep up on all the news in their child’s life so they are not forgotten. It is important the child feels a responsibility to keep contact and promote the family bond.

Make sure the child has pictures of the military parent. They can be posted on a section of the wall, on posters, in frames or on a cork board. If you have a computer connection your child can keep contact by email and pictures. Invest in a camera and voice communication devise for your computer so the child can talk and see the parent. If you are not in a position to purchase one, then check you local military base for help or information regarding where to find this type of contact.

Letters, drawings, pictures, little gifts and notes of love are items that travel through the mail, but it is something the military parent can touch and see when they are not in direct contact with their child. This is very important for happiness and a future together. Cell phones are often provided by a military support group to keep contact with a military parent or spouse. Take advantage of the offer and use it generously. Keep your problems limited and keep contact positive.

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