Preparing For A Homecoming After Deployment

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If you have been deployed for a while and will be heading home soon, you are probably feeling really excited about the prospect of being at home and seeing all of your family and other loved ones. If you haven’t been home in a pretty good amount of time, however, you might be wondering how you can prepare for your homecoming.

Luckily, the process of going home after a deployment is typically very pleasant, but there are some things that you can do in order to get prepared. For instance, you should make sure that Read more…

Finding Your Life Alone As A Married Person

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Being away from your spouse as a married person is clearly something very difficult to handle. No one wants to be away from the one that they love. At the same time, they may have to do this if they are seeing that their spouse is going to have to go away for something very important such as to serve in the armed forces. Those who find themselves in this position have to learn how they can find a way to carry on Read more…

Staying Faithful To A Deployed Spouse During Separation

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If you are married to someone who has been deployed over seas, the most important thing that you need to remember is that they are counting on you to be there for them. If you stay busy with your free time, this time will pass quickly and your loved one will soon be home.

While they are away, you may be tempted to be unfaithful because you are lonely. However, this is never a wise idea. It’s important to remember that your guy is fighting for you and your freedom. If you find that you are lonely, you can Read more…

What Can Be Sent To The Deployed Spouse

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When a spouse is deployed, one of the most thoughtful packages that can be sent is a care package that contains personal and useful components as well as entertaining items. Paperback books, magazines and other reading materials are greatly appreciated by spouses who are deployed. A used book store has lots to choose from for bargain prices. Crossword puzzle and word game books are great to pass time with.
Toiletries are always useful items to send to a deployed spouse. Shower gel, toothpaste, shaving cream and deodorant along with other personal toiletries can be put to good use. Fun items like hacky sacks, playing cards yo-yos are also recommended to be included in the package. A spouse will also appreciate practical gifts such as socks and underwear.
Small food items may also be sent in a care package to a spouse, particularly beef jerky, tuna fish pouches, nuts and crackers. Candy, chips, gum and other junk food can be special treats included for your deployed spouse.
Perhaps the best items one can send to their spouse are personal, handmade items. Crafts made by children are unique and will always be appreciated. Nothing is more special and personal than handwritten letters.

Surprise the Deployed

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If your husband’s deployed for any length of time you may be wondering how you can surprise him on his return. We’ve got some suggestions for great welcome home surprises from the easy to the elaborate!

Make Dinner: What’s better than his favorite dinner the second he gets home? Go around town buying his favorite take-out eats or make his favorite like spaghetti or chicken fried steak. Serve with a nice bottle of wine or his favorite beer.

Get in Shape: Depending on what you looked like when he left, change your appearance. Start working out and get rid of the flab or get a sexy new haircut or extensions. Your husband will be so glad to see you he won’t even notice what you’ve changed!

Redo the House: If you own your home, make some improvements while he’s gone. Get in touch with Sears Remodeling and change the kitchen or the bathroom or even switch up the paint colors. The smallest changes can really update a house and make your husband even more glad to be home.

How To Stay Positive When You Are Left Behind

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When you have a spouse who has been deployed it is very common to feel lonely and just kind of down in the dumps. There are several things that you can do to cheer yourself up and remain positive until your soldier comes marching home.

One of the first things that you can do is take a class at the local community college that interests you. This will help you not only to stay busy, but may also help you meet others who share the same interest and can lead to friendships with others that you can take outside of the classroom.

You can also join a gym or take a fitness class for fun. By setting up a daily time to workout or to be in a class has many benefits. One of the benefits is that you will be getting out of the house and will have your mind cleared to focus on the workout that you are doing. Exercise in general has been proven to make people feel healthier as well as to reduce stress.

Another option is to take advantage of the resources that the military offers to spouses who are left behind. They may have support groups you can join and it may help to talk out any frustrations you have.

What To Do The Week Before Saying Good Bye

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Before someone leaves on deployment, there are things you can do to make the time left special. Have a family get together so that the entire family can give them their best wishes and let them know they are loved and will be missed. Have as much family time as possible in the week before they leave. Have picnics in the park, or go see a movie together. If they are going to be gone during the holiday season, have an early holiday. Have Christmas during the week they have left so they can experience all the joys of the holiday with the family. If they are married, the couple can spend time walking together or going to a romantic location. Pray with the one who is leaving. Let them know they will be prayed over while they are gone. Also, gather items that they can take with them on leave. Items like soap, lotion, chap stick, snacks, and blankets will be great to have with them when they are gone. Start a box for after they leave that you can add things to and then send to them in the middle of their tour. Let them know that you will miss them, but remain positive that you will see each other again.

Becoming A Military Spouse Of The Deployed Half

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Having a spouse deployed overseas can be extremely stressful, yet it can also be a time to take the role of supportive partner to newer heights. Stepping back and examining the wives during World War ll, women who stepped out of their comfort zone to keep the country operational, is an example of the strength we can pull from ourselves if needed. Setting into place supportive networks and mindset can help.
Honoring holidays and family time may feel sad, but it is an opportunity to keep the family bond tight. Create photographs to share in letters to your spouse from thanksgiving dinners to a child’s volleyball practice, this along with word of support is therapeutic to both of you. If you have children, don’t forget they are going through everything you are, keeping the bond alive, keeping everyone busy and continuing to celebrate life is the best example and choice for yourself and spouse.
If you have children, take time to pass on funny stories, your spouse’s beliefs and theologies, remind the children that their other parent is proud of them as they do well in school or on a sports team. If there are elderly members in the family, remind them of the traits your spouse received from them, let them know the impact they had on your spouse’s life. Keep the family bond strong and alive in your spouse’s absence. The support system is needed by all and it creates a strong family for the spouse to come home to.
Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Have friends and family members in your life that you can turn to when you need a source of strength or someone to talk to. If you are spiritual pray, if not find other ways to center yourself such as mediation or exercise.

Teaching Your Children How To Communicate With Military Parents

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If a parent is in the military and stationed overseas, you need to teach a child how to communicate with military parents. It is important to keep a connection so the child does not feel like a stranger is returning to the family home. It is good for the parent too, because they need that connection in order to watch the changes in their child while they are away. It keeps them growing together and the bond strong for both.

Begin by teaching the child a mild version of what their parent is Read more…

Teaching The Children About Their Parents Military Job

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More adults and guardians are Teaching The Children About Their Parents Military Job. If children are going to do alright during the absence of one or both parents they need to first be able to understand why their family member’s military job is so very important for society as well as their family.

Each child facing this situation needs to first understand that their parent’s job is securing the safety of the family first and foremost. It is hard to explain to children of a young age how dangerous and unpredictable some areas of society around the world can Read more…